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CCTV/Digital Camera Surveillance

BELLBOND has a proven track record of supplying and installing high quality digital camera surveillance systems for any size or type of business. With our broad experience and knowledge of the latest technologies our clients are confident that they will receive a premium digital surveillance system designed to meet their specific requirements. CCTV systems are coming down dramatically in price whilst the quality and uses of the systems are hugely increased. The varied purposes of Digital Video Surveillance are developing continuously. These purposes include recording images for management, monitoring of production, training, occupational health and safety purposes along with the typical use as theft deterrent and recording for criminal apprehension purposes.

BELLBOND can recommend and provide the most suitable camera for your purpose, be it full body camera, pan tilt/zoom camera, day and night camera or IR (see in the dark). We can provide you where required with vandal proof cameras.

BELLBOND has an excellent range of Digital Video Recorders (DVR). Your camera surveillance system is nothing without a DVR. Images from your cameras are digitally recorded to a hard drive according to predetermined settings such as movement, whilst allowing for easy playback and search. The DVR stores the images captured by your camera system, and like most storage devices can come in a variety of memory sizes depending on what suits your requirements.

BELLBOND has developed a security surveillance system which not only provides high quality recordings of multiple security cameras 24/7 and stores that information for as long as required, but you can also view the security cameras from anywhere with 3G mobile coverage, at any time on your iPhone or blackberry. BELLBOND has been providing remote access via PC and laptop for some time. With the use of encryption, and passwords you can be assured that unauthorised persons cannot view BELLBOND security camera images.