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Residential Security

Residential  Alarm Systems:

Intruder alarms are a proven deterrent to break- ins and theft, protecting your family and belongings. They are designed with simple yet reliable operations incorporating single button arm and partial arm functions along with 24 hour panic button. We design very user friendly alarm systems, and if you forget to arm your alarm, it can be set to arm itself. Reed switches, contacts,and heavy duty door switches are installed for detection of break-in via doors and windows. Our systems include high frequency sirens to repel intruders, with a flashing blue strobe light. We can supply remote controls to arm and disarm the alarm. We can provide both hard wired or wireless equipment according to your requirements.

As your Security System provider, BELLBOND  will use our 29 years of experience with alarm systems to help you determine the best security alarm system for the safety and security of your home.

Smoke Detectors:

BELLBOND Security can install sensitive smoke detectors for fire detection and integrate them to your alarm system to better protect your home. This does not increase your weekly monitoring costs, so therefore provides extra value for your money.

Duress Alarm Pendants – Never Alone Home Personal Alarm:

BELLBOND’S Emergency Duress System – Never Alone Home Personal Alone System is ideal for those who are living alone and elderly or infirm. Duress systems can be a very important part of your security system giving real time protection to people living alone. Our emergency signaling pendant or watch is worn around the home and automatically contacts the 24 hour monitoring center if activated. This provides peace of mind and independence for users and their friends and family. Our Never Alone Home Personal Alarm is a stand alone product which does not require a home alarm security system to function.

Bellbond_Security_Hills_Reliance_Residential_Alarm                                 Bellbond_Security_Optex_MX_40_Series_PIR_Motion_Detector                                       Bellbond_Security_Optex_RX_Series_PIR_Pet_Tolerant_Motion_Detector

CCTV/Digital Camera Surveillance for Home Residences

BELLBOND has a proven track record f supplying and installing high quality digital camera surveillance systems for any size home. With our broad experience and knowledge of the latest technologies our clients are confident that they will receive a premium digital surveillance system deosigned to meet their specific requirements. CCTV systems are coming down dramatically in price whilst the quality and uses of the systems are hugely increased. The varied purposes of Digital Video Surveillance are developing continuously. These purposes include recording images for watching kids, & domestic help (ie cleaners & tradesmen) along with the typical use as theft deterrent and recording for criminal apprehension purposes. CCTV is becoming commonplace in homes.

A camera in the nursery/kids room and a couple of cameras installed around the house, in conjunction with a digital video recorder (DVR) and IP address, can give busy Mums and Dads a peace of mind as they view their home remotely via their iPhone or internet. This is especially handy if kids are coming home to an empty house. Contact us for a quote: